GOFO Art is an innovative consultancy based in Hong Kong with a focus on boundary-pushing curatorial concepts and collaboration

GOFO dedicated to promoting Asian and international contemporary artists and explores the dialogue and integration between East and West. Transparency and collaboration are central elements of our organizational culture. At GOFO, we help our artists excel by transforming ideas and strategies into tangible results.  At present, our global collaborative network includes Vancouver, Toronto, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Taiwan, Beijing, and Shanghai.

Jaco Cheung, cofound and director at GOFO ART

Jaco is the co-founder and director at GOFO Art by Global Focal. She has over 12 years of experience in various different professional roles across the art world, from fine art auctions to gallery business. A former art specialist at Sotheby’s, Jaco manages private & corporate art collections from post-war to contemporary art and consults with seasoned and millennial art collectors, galleries, and auction houses in China, Asia, Europe, and the USA. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jaco earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Macquarie University, Australia.

"Collaboration, transparency and agility enable us to explore possibilities in opportunities"

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