Ian Williams (b. 1976) lives and works in Perth, Australia. He earned a First Class Honors in Bachelor of Fine Art, Curtin University in Perth in 2018, and currently continues his doctoral research in fine art (Ph.D.). 

Ian Williams explores the metaphysics of virtual space through painting. He has emerged as a powerful contemporary voice who works on the convergence of art and virtual environments. With the rapid development of global technology and the experience of Generation Z with the virtual world, he explores the spiritual values of visual perception in the digital age and interconnected culture in our everyday lives. In his art, Williams contemplates the answers to profound questions: Does non-physical mean non-real? How can something physically respond to a non-physical space? 

Williams' work is highly innovative. His unique process utilizes reverse engineering techniques with 3D computer modeling to extract virtual objects in the video game environment. The artist accumulates a collection of found virtual objects from which creates virtual still life compositions, also called 3D collage, to paint from. In these 3D collages, he rearranges 3D objects by scaling, rotating, and warping, and discards phenomenon such as gravity and forces of the collision, thus creating a new space for still life painting. Through extraction, deconstruction, and reconstruction, Williams creates a unique body of work that redefines the boundary between real space and virtual space.

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