Announcing Worldwide Representation of Ian Williams

(Hong Kong, June 16, 2020) - GOFO Art is proud to announce exclusive worldwide representation of Australian contemporary artist Ian Williams. The collaboration with the artist will kick start a partnership this summer by organizing an exhibition expressing boundary-pushing curatorial concepts in Shanghai, China. 

Ian Williams’ artistic abilities touch multiple domains. He has emerged as a powerful contemporary voice who works on the convergence of art and virtual environments. Williams uses his art to seek the answers to profound questions such as: Does non-physical mean non-real? How can something physical response to a non-physical space? His pursuit of understanding the metaphysics of virtual space leads him to reflect on visual perception in the digital era and the definition of what is real and unreal in the current context.


Williams employs three-dimensional computer modelling to start creating his one-of-a-kind art pieces. The procedure begins with extracting intrinsic elements from a video game and removing the photographic textures from them. Williams then moves on to investigate the true nature of these objects by applying colors to them. The result is quite encouraging because the objects become barely recognizable as parts of the original virtual object. He has built a library of these kinds of 3D Models which are known as 3D Collage in his language. In his works, the artist extracts, decontextualizes and re-signifies the objects in the painting.

As stated by Jaco Cheung, the co-founder and director of GOFO Art: “Having followed Williams’ artistic journey thus far, I really could not be more thrilled to announce our collaboration, and we are looking forward to organizing various artistic events with him to inspire global audiences.” 

GOFO Art is also delighted to present a solo booth of new paintings by Ian Williams at the sixth edition of ART VANCOUVER in Canada this September. Williams’ varied and vibrant canvases will amaze the audience as they will experience in the contemporary art about his continued investigation and questioning of how a technique as traditional as painting can reveal the aesthetic experience within video games.

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